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{The Plateau – where every enthusiastic gamer should reach…}

The Plateau - A multi-level puzzle that will challenge you and take you to a different plane, has just been released on the Android.
Already a winner in iPhone and rated 8.5/10 by IGN wireless games review; on Android, ‘The Plateau’ is guaranteed to blow your mind.

The Plateau‘ takes Android’s touch screen capabilites to a whole new level.
Code is performance optimized, so lag is non-existant as you un-entangle the crossed lines by moving the orbs. To top it all, the background music is bound to leave you in a trance.

There are two modes of ‘The Plateau‘ – Challenge and Arcade.
In the non-timed Challenge mode, you can leisurely work out each level and thus help build your own strategies.
The strategy skills that you have thus acquired will help you beat the time for each level in the Arcade mode.

Every level has orbs that randomly change their color – your perceptiveness and responsiveness can help you alter your score to your advantage.
You can resume every level where you ended, you can submit your score and check your position in the high scores list – fight against yourself or the competition, which you will have in plenty,  i.e.,  if you can let go.

Be warned, this game is highly addictive, and promises to entangle you in its web and launch you to a rarefied atmosphere in outer space.

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